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Inspire - Coach - Develop - Transform

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We help leaders and teams to become more effective by designing experiences that develop the 21st-century human-centered leader skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. We use a hybrid format of mobile technology, video, and in-person sessions to provide high quality, convenient leadership development, coaching, and continuing education solutions for organizations looking to align purpose, values, and performance. We have worked with clients from the technology, healthcare, higher education, pharmaceutical, sportswear, auto, transportation, financial services, hospitality, and soft drink industries.

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Quicksmarts Leadership is a Veteran owned business. Our founder is an experienced organizational leader with experience leading and developing small to mid-sized organizations. He brings lessons from experiences developing leaders and organizations in a wide range of industries. He is a decorated Veteran and has experience leading in U.S. Army Infantry, Cavalry, and Armor units. Read his bio here.

Our Offerings

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Organizational Leadership coaching

Our Organizational Leadership Coaches are certified through reputable and accredited coaching certification programs. Quicksmarts offers several different coaching packages with the ability to conduct sessions in-person or via video conference. We are focused on YOUR agenda as the client, and partner with you to develop a package to achieve your organizational goals.

We coach and develop agile and adaptive leaders who think and learn more quickly and effectively in their daily leadership roles. We call this Quicksmarts. Managers and executives accomplish the organization’s mission and purpose through effective leadership. A leaders ability to influence others, or derailing behaviors under stress are examples of what could get in the way of effective leadership. Improving  a leaders performance starts with self-awareness. Quicksmarts partners with organizational leaders to gain that awareness and build from that foundation.

Interested in Leadership coaching? Check out our "Leadership Vitals" package.

Organizational Leadership & Talent development programs

Leaders develop and learn through experience. That is why Quicksmarts offers a number of leadership development experiences that range from classroom workshops to outdoor scenarios. We use a hybrid mix of mobile technology, video, and in-person sessions to design challenging and engaging leadership development experiences where participants learn leader skills and then get a chance to practice them. In addition, we provide follow-on coaching packages to help reinforce the learning.

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design thinking

Leaders influence innovation and change in organizations. With the right leadership, your team—and the innovators on your team—has the potential to become a creative powerhouse. Design Thinking is a way to tap into that creativity, to open your team to collaborative interdisciplinary thinking. You can lead and influence your team to solve problems together using the iterative design thinking process.

We offer workshops and coaching based on our professional experiences and what we learned at the Stanford that teach the basics of the methodology tailored to an organization’s needs. Our follow-on coaching packages reinforce the learning and help integrate new skills into the organizations innovation processes. 

Read our article "5 Steps to Integrating Design Thinking Into Your Group" published on the  Dallas Innovates website.

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